Brewed Thoughts: WTF am I doing?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

WTF am I doing?

It was a trap. I knew it!

But how could I resist? I read Tina's email containing news of a refreshed NaNo website and forum was just too good to pass up! The prospect of trolling the NaNoWriMo forum was just as seductive as a topless Zanjoe Marudo (yuck, ang jologs! LMAO). I knew that the freaking button would register me as an "official participant", but I still clicked it! Unggghh...

But seriously, I am still considering whether to join this year's race or not. I cannot even begin to fathom the work I have right now, not to mention this manuscript that I'm currently writing. But dammit, just thinking about the mayhem, word wars, forum trolling while killing time at work, writing meet-ups...I need that! Trust me, it's not fun to just lock yourself up in your room and write. I've already spent months holed up at home and refusing social invites just to get some writing done.

Ok. So if I join this year, I have a half-baked plot. I will just shoot myself on the foot if I dived into this insanity without any clear direction. I will be wasting days working on a crap plot, letting the momentum of the current manuscript dry up in my brain.

Wait...why am I explaining this to myself? I thought I've already decided not to join?

Unggghh...I hate bring a Libra! I swear to God this indecisiveness will be the death of me.

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  1. Go lang ng go! Di ba kayo nga laging nagsasabi sa akin na keep trying? :) Na miss na kita sa Plurk. Nanahimik ang aking timeline as of late. :p