Brewed Thoughts: June 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

So I'm learning Korean

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Yes, and what a jolly good headache I signed myself up for. Haha!

I enlisted to take up basic Korean lessons at UP just because I'm so frustrated about learning Japanese. Way back when, I even hired a Japanese tutor to teach me the ropes, but I gave up when I got to the counting part. I also got intimidated about learning Kanji, so I thought since the Korean alphabet only has one way of writing stuff, I'd be cool, right? Right?


Vocabulary is a bitch, that's why. Unlike Japanese, I hardly watch Korean soaps or listen to Kpop (the ones I like, not the artists who look like carbon copies of each other). Grammar/sentence construction makes me want to flip my desk. Just recently, we started counting big values in Sino-Korean, and I practically balked when we had an exercise on listening. It was so difficult trying to comprehend how Koreans speak like they're eating their words. I'm gonna flunk listening tests for sure.

Learning is difficult in the sense that there's this avalanche of information that you need to memorize. I've stopped memorizing things since I graduated from college. I can keep up with the lessons, but I absorb things a bit slow than the usual. But I have to say that hangeul is really fun to read/write when you know all the characters, although I need to shape up if I want to pass this course.

안녕하세요.  저는안이에요. 반갑습니다!