Brewed Thoughts: The zombies...they're coming...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The zombies...they're coming...

Every end of October, the office holds a contest for the best team workstation decors for Halloween. We usually have this Trick or Treat event for the kids at the end of the month, thus the need to spruce up the place for the occasion. And this year's theme is a no brainer...Plants vs. Zombies

Our team had a couple of new faces who were all gung-ho to make sure we win in the contest. We are, after all, considered to be the "creative group". So we pitched in a couple of bucks to buy some supplies for this shindig. Some of my teammates had it all thought up (complete with a floor plan and all), and I was of very little help. I was caught in between subsequent meetings that the only thing I did was to paint a couple of cherry bombs and that squash plant. Painting was therapeutic, though my coloring skills weren't up to par with my teammates who knew better. 

Zombies in the office
The following day, I was surprised to see our workstation semi-decorated already. There were plastic strings dangling from the A/C vent, balloon zombies and pea shooters! Our place was really looking cutesy-nasty and I had a feeling we had this contest in the bag!
There was also a costume contest (for kids & adults), but I wasn't feeling up for it. I did dress up as a normal zombie with the brown coat, tie and jeans...but I was missing a zombie look. Then I remembered PJ who earlier blogged  about buying a zombie hat (and got stared at), so I asked if she can lend me the loot or probably have it rented. Well, she struck a better deal—she sold the hat to me at a lesser price than what she originally paid for! I r tats! T^T

We had a lot of fun taking bazillions of photos with our nicely decorated stations. Some of my officemates got some face paint to add to the spook factor. Not to sound like a braggart and all, but I really do think our effort was the best there was. It was only a matter of time before we were awarded the top prize. We were all joking about how our decor was going the be a shoo-in winner, but we still whooped for joy when it was formally announced. 

I'm already thinking that if we're to have a decorating contest again this Christmas, we're going to load the big guns. Hahaha. How's that for competition?


  1. I like! I Aliw nga suot me eh! You guys deserve the grand prize!

  2. 2nd place lang kami sa costume chorva. Sa ibang department, it's really bare. Tapos nung nakita ko yung judges scores, may naka-100 sa ibang team. Hahaha. Luto ang judging, pero buti naman at panalo kami. Hehehe. Ching did most of the work there & some of our officemates din.

  3. Love the set and the costumes! You pulled out a huge effort to bring out a good presentation! Wow mare. It looks like a lot of fun. :D

  4. Thanks, mare. It was fun. Halos hindi na kami nagtrabaho. LOL.