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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rinse & repeat

Ok, so I just finished editing last year's manuscript, which means I've been delayed for 6 months. That roughly gives me less than 5 months to work on another plot for this year's November novel writing.

What the hell am I getting myself into? I barely have enough time to finish all my work, and now I'm going to get myself into some major shit that's going to wreak havoc on my schedule and sleeping pattern. But what the hey, I just finished a novel...and I mean REALLY finished it. I just have to give this another shot.

So here's the dilemma: I have several half-baked plots and I don't know if I'm going to have enough tenacity as the last time to see through the end of this for the 2nd time around (the 2008 win doesn't count as that plot totally sucked big time). But just to give it a run-through, here they are:

Genre: Chick Lit

Plot: Late 20s MC (main character) and her other 2 friends are approaching the big three-oh and their cherries aren't even popped yet. The catch: the last girl to remain a virgin by their 30th birthday loses the bet.

Pros: Material based on real life accounts *coughKatSalescough*

Cons: The last time I wrote chick lit on NaNo I didn't touch the manuscript ever after reaching 50k.

Genre: Historical fiction/Alternative history

Plot: MC travels back in time in the Philippines circa 1800s where she alters history & saves a Katipunero who was supposed to die.

Pros: I've never done such a story before & the idea of basing this remotely on history is very exciting. I also like the idea of "what ifs" in history.

Cons: I don't think I have the time to go to the National Historical Institute or dig up some references that will give me the info I need.

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Plot: Story has an x/1999-slash-Mythology Class feel to it: MC holds the key to the destruction of a secret organization out to sell the Philippines to a foreign country as its colony. His ragtag group consists of individuals with special abilities with the mission to rescue the Matanglawin (aka the Filipinos' collective sight) from the clutches of the enemy at the appointed time.

Pros: Never done this genre before & would probably be worthwhile to write. I'm actually looking forward to include stuff about local myths and urban legends as useful material.

Cons: Of all the plots, this is the most rare (or hilaw) of them all. I still haven't thought about the subplots that's supposed to be the stepping stones to build the main one.

Genre: Fantasy/Historical Fiction

Plot: The sequel to La Guerra del Mundo

Pros: Existing characters, main plot, places, etc. It would probably be fun to piece together all the quest and RNPC stories of Granado Espada.

Cons: I don't play the game anymore, hence, I might have difficulty remembering the stories behind the Pioneering quests, not to mention that I might get fed up working with the same thing again for this year. that I've listed them, I feel like I want to write them all! Hahaha! Buti sana kung masipag, kaso, dakilang procrastinator. Gahd, I need to make a decision on what to work on this November.

Halp, anyone? D:

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