Brewed Thoughts: September 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fun Times at the MIBF 2015

Where did the weekend go?

But seriously, I had an awesome weekend attending the 36th Manila International Book Fair. Most of my friends were there on the first day, and I had to sit through endless tweets about how awesome the place was with few attendees and spacious hallways. But when the weekend came, I was raring to go. I arrived early at the venue and was surprised to find a long line as early as 8am. Good thing it was the queue for the international authors' book signings, so I was able to get inside without having to wait that long. 

Saturday was the busiest day for me at the book fair as I took it upon myself to be quick and shop for the books I already planned to get. It was good thinking because when Sunday came, it was hard to navigate around the hall with so many people jostling for space as they browsed and lined up at the cashier. Sunday was more laid back, and thankfully I was able to curb my impulse to buy more books. 

Here are a few photos documenting my awesome MIBF experience:

Stacks of Soul Books at the Bookmark booth.
It looks like they had a lot of copies as they replenished as soon as the pile was depleted.

Monday, September 14, 2015

August Bookish Events

I realize this blog hasn't been updated much, but lately I've been going to a lot of fun bookish events that I absolutely have to talk about. Having started off a fledgling, part-time career in being an author (because priorities), bookish events have been a staple in what little free time I have. 

Tessa Bailey Romance Discussion

Bailey's Babes PH represent!
Author Mina V. Esguerra organized this meet-up with fellow Tessa Bailey fans last August and I was thankful to have been part of this awesome gathering. It was an apt occurrence since it was Mina who introduced me to Tessa's work, and I couldn't be any happier. I love reading romances and it's my most-read genre. Tessa's books are a guilty pleasure and I was more than thrilled to have been in the company of like-minded people. 

Yes, we did talk about the alpha heroes, and was stoked to know there were fellow Bowen fans! Beck came in second place in terms of favorites. What made it even more awesome was the feedback from Tessa herself. I'm really hoping she gets to swing by the Philippines and have a book signing event.