Brewed Thoughts: Did I say that I LOVE notebooks?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Did I say that I LOVE notebooks?

Well, now you know.

I have this crazy obsession for notebooks. It's one of the first things I look for when I enter a bookstore (aside from books, that is). Even if I know that I may not be able to write on every single page, I just loooove burning money in buying notebooks that will just probably collect dust in my bookshelf.

But then again, you'd never know when you'll need one, right? Right.

And don't even get me started on the quirky looking ones. Especially this particular treasure:

My officemate brought along his copy last Friday & there was only one thing that flashed in my mind: I just have to get my hands on one. Who ever thought that slumbooks were the stuff of our grade school memories? This one's a lot better & funny too. It would be a blast to get your friends to sign in. Or pati sa crush, pwede din. He. He. He.

My sister got me the NaNoWriMo Noveling Journal as well as the other NaNo loot I wanted. Yay! I will be getting them on December when she comes home for the holidays.

And on that note, I just want to say that I finally made up my mind not to join this year's novel race. There's simply too much on my plate & I don't want to ruin 2 years of successive wins only to lose this year. I will most probably hang out in the forums to lurk and steal plots. I still have a manuscript to finish & will spend most of my free time working on it. Maybe I'll work on the plot for next year's NaNo. Or not.

T minus 3 days to doomsday. Ugh. Do not want to get old.


  1. Haha. I totally get that obsession for notebooks. Mine is with pens though. I have this compulsion to buy one everytime I enter a bookstore.:)

  2. IKR? I can stay in a bookstore forever. That place is evil on the wallet. Haha.