Brewed Thoughts: Traversing the mall for intergalactic soul-searching

Friday, October 22, 2010

Traversing the mall for intergalactic soul-searching

Do not mind the title, I was just fibbing. :p

So yeah, I went to the mall after mailing some postcards & other swap items for Postcrossing. I initially wanted to have a look around for some cheap canvass bags & flats, but my fickle-minded feet brought me to Book Sale instead. I spent over an hour browsing through second hand books, but I ended up buying a Php 10 back issue of a book review magazine.

Then I ended up going to the Peanut Butter Company. I was quite curious to try it out when I first read it in an online review, but backed out when I saw the price. A while ago, I was feeling suicidal in burning cash over food, so I walked in the store before I had any reservations.

Elvis & coffee

I ordered the Elvis the King sandwich (P155) and coffee (P45). Sandwich wasn't so bad, but the coffee was awesome. I can't believe I cinched the sweetness right when I just randomly poured the sugar right in! But the thing is, I like my coffee piping hot. This one, though, wasn't just hot enough. I could drink it bottoms up without batting an eyelash.

I ended my solo mall sojourns when I got a text from work saying that I had to email some files. Great.


Oh and here's some random graffiti at the supermarket's public restroom:

It reads: "Ang inidoro inuupuan di inaapakan hayop ka ba?"

I wouldn't even bother translating this.

I wasn't able to take a picture of it, but there was a response which read: "Sige, ikaw umupo ka. Try mo."


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