Brewed Thoughts: April 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

#buqoYA Taking Chances Blog Tour

As part of the month-long blog tour for the #buqoYA, I'd like to introduce you to the stories behind each bundle (thanks to Dianne of Oops! I Read A Book Again for organizing the blog tour). As mentioned, #buqoYA was a product of a writing class with Mina V. Esguerra and sponsored by Buqo. I'm pretty sure there's something in the bundle that would pique your interest, so read on:

#buqoYA 1: Taking Chances
Whether looking for closure, proving their worth, or wondering what happens after a moonlit night, the characters from these stories will invite you to take a chance for love. Will they find what they’re looking for? Or will their hearts get broken? Step into their shoes and find out.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

#buqoYA is LIVE!

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It's LIVE, folks! The #buqoYA bundles are now available at the Buqo digital store and you can already purchase them from the app. For the uninitiated, Buqo is a digital book store where you can buy ebooks (here's a guide on how to install the app, create an account, and purchase books). 

In case you might ask, the bundles will be exclusively available in the digital store for a certain period. Let's support our local authors by purchasing the books in Buqo (since it's also a book store for the Filipino reader)!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

#buqoYA Blog Tour

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It's been so busy this first quarter of the year, but I'm really excited to get my writing mojo back after last year's drought. And since I did mention joining a YA writing class in January, I'm equally stoked to be promoting our #buqoYA blog tour! My story, Fall from Grace, is in the bundle Finding Fairytales.

If you have a blog, please do join the blog tour! Our goal is to bring more young adult romance stories and we hope to be diverse and interesting as what's already available in the market.

I'll be featuring excerpts of my #buqoYA co-authors and I hope this will get everyone excited to check them out (and buy them) on Buqo. Let's all support our local authors! :)