Brewed Thoughts: Birthday SEx (Sinangag Express)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Birthday SEx (Sinangag Express)

Today has started really great: heard mass & had breakfast at Pancake House c/o the dad. I'm still somewhat sleepy due to the influx of text messages since late last night, but today, I feel extra, extra special. It's as if a heavenly spotlight is shining down on me haha! (Jologs, emf.)

Thank you to every friend, classmate, gamer, colleague and to everyone else whom I've known since then for the warmest greetings. I feel really blessed to spend more years in your company. :)

Many happy returns as well to my birthday-mate, Elise Estrella. :D

And now, imma go have that birthday SEx. Hehehe.

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