Brewed Thoughts: The deplorable state of the English language in the Philippines (and other weaboo insanities)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The deplorable state of the English language in the Philippines (and other weaboo insanities)

If you've seen the storm brewing in one of the pages I commented on Facebook, then I don't need any superfluous introductions. If you haven't, you're missing half your life. I just find it funny that it's already been 3 days since that post and people haven't moved on. Is the event really that groundbreaking? Will it solve the country's multi-billion dollar financial debt? Will it feed the entire lot of Filipinos? 

I dunno if I'm to be amused or if I need to feel pity towards kids these days who can't write simple English to save their sorry behinds. Frankly speaking, I'm not insulted because I was called a bitch and a whole slew of other names. What's insulting was that these kids couldn't even hurl a single decent and coherent ignominy without making the grammar Nazis writhe in agony. I was cringing half the time I was reading their futile attempts to make me feel peeved. 

I really don't give a flying batshit about their stupid event, nor do I feel a single iota of remorse for calling their event stupid. What bothers me is that these kids waste their time & energy organizing questionable events that aren't even well thought of. Seriously...minors cosplaying in a bar? Paid freebies? 350 bucks worth of tickets? Holy apeshit, Batman!

What's even worse is that they don't even give a crap about grammar & punctuation. I don't even know if I'm going to laugh my ass off or offer a prayer for their lost souls. At this rate, the Philippines is going to the dogs. Believe it.

You want to speak Nihonggo? BE A KATANA!

Thank the gods I've weaned myself of anything remotely weaboo-ish. 


  1. That's like telling the English and the Americans and a whole slew of English speaking countries that their language is not real. Yay for smart kids.

    Love your AVPM reference.

  2. Let's be a katana na lang. LMAO.

  3. Lol, sobrang tawa rin ako dun sa "let's be a katana" comment. I was reading that thread since you plurked about it, I didn't even see na kahapon pala ginawa yun. I wonder how their event went, hehe.

    And as you can see, may blogger na rin ako! :D

  4. Grammar Nazis unite! Bwehehe.

  5. Zizi yeeeey may blogger ka na rin heheeh. :)

    Curious din ako ano nangyari dun sa event nila. >:)