Brewed Thoughts: Neighbors and karaoke at an ungodly hour

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Neighbors and karaoke at an ungodly hour

Ugh. The neighbors are at it again. Seriously, can we please have a law that prohibits caterwauling over the karaoke machine from 10PM onwards? My mom said these guys have been at it since this morning. How can anyone not run out of shit to sing for the entire bloody day? I swear to God, I'm on a killing spree right now. There should be SOME way to shut these people up! It's already late in the evening & they're just blaring away. Ugh...


  1. Also, bakit hindi sila nauubusan ng boses? I mean, shouldn't they be hoarse by that time if they've been singing all day? We have the same problem with one of our neighbors, but thank God it's not every day that they do it.

  2. ni-report ni mama sa baranggay. ayun, tumigil din ang mga bwakanang ina. bwahahhaa!