Brewed Thoughts: Project 365: Places, food & more randomity

Monday, February 7, 2011

Project 365: Places, food & more randomity

Can't believe I've been so lazy to post any Project 365 photos lately. It's such a chore to download, clean & upload photos (I do this weekly & I'm still such a lazy ass). I wonder if I can survive this thing without procrastination getting the better of me.

Okay, okay. On with the photos! I got 2 week's worth, btw. :)

Feb 6: I love my Plurk layout. I think I'll just go wipe my drool for the meantime. :3

Feb 5: My former Plurk layout. It needed a new skin. Thank God for Flickr Plurk templates.

Feb 4: Wheat bread tuna sandwich at the French Baker. Worth the 100+ bucks. Very filling.

Feb 3: Bakers Fresh is a newly-opened store in Shangri-La Mall. It's a sinful place to be. Take the coffee and choco bun for example. Sinful, I say.

Feb 2: Amber's Pancit Puti. A bit too garlic-y for my taste, but when you're as hungry as hell, wapakels!

Feb 1: This is all Abbee's fault. I blame her for this unnatural obsession over the tarot. I'd feed myself to Aragog's children for this book. D:

Jan 31: Saw this awesome store at the 4th level of SM Megamall that sells lots of cool, antique stuff. I nearly wept when I saw these batshit old stamps & postcards. They're pretty expensive (P2 each for the stamps, P50 for the postcards. WHAT?!).
Jan 30: Elephant chocolates from Thailand. Didn't eat them 'coz they came from the bane of my existence.

Jan 29: San Nicolas de Tolentino's church altar. This was taken prior to the 6AM mass. Yes, that's how insane my folks are.

Jan 28: Met up with a few friends in TriNoma. Being such book geeks, we always congregate in bookstores.

Jan 27: I love these polaroid cat postcards given to me by my sister.

Jan 26: This was taken in the MRT on my way home. It feels weird taking a sneak photo when so many people are looking.

Jan 25: Obviously I didn't have any decent subject & the day was already ending, hence, a random photo of a meeting.

Jan 24: Taken around 6:30AM while walking on my way to the office. I should be given an award for coming 4 hours before my shift.


  1. You should have given me the elephant chocolates then. Can't wait to receive the cat postcard!

  2. Sarap naman ng food trip, mare! Penge ng chocolates!

    Love the postcards, too! Cuuuute!

    Hoist, bawal magkuha ng picture sa MRT! Bwahahaha! Isusuplong kita!

  3. Err bawal ba? Seryoso? Bakit?

    Fris: Haha galing yan sa Poncio Pilato sa buhay ko so I wouldn't offer it to any of my friends..baka may lason. :p

    Kim: Thanks! :D

  4. Ang alam ko bawal talaga kaso madami ding pasaway, tapos pag forenger minsan dine-deadma. Ako laging stealth mode hehe.

  5. OMG I just read this! Haha. Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your Tarot journey! ;)