Brewed Thoughts: A leap of faith + date with self

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A leap of faith + date with self

I’ve been meaning to work on this project since last year, but when you’re always procrastinating, you can never get anything done. I still don’t think that I can complete 365 photos in 365 days, but who says I can’t give it a shot?

Apart from giving myself a swift kick in the ass, what makes this challenge more difficult is the fact that I’m going to be using a lousy 2MP camera phone that takes sucky pictures. I figured having a camera phone is a lot more handy since I do bring it with me all the time (this is just a lousy excuse as I haven’t gotten my digicam fixed in ages).

Let's just hope I can get myself out of the procrastination rut and see through this challenge for an entire year. Lezz gow, sago!


I spent the first Friday of 2011 out on a date...with myself.  The goal: watch either RPG: Metanoia or Rosario before they get phased out of the cinemas. I wasn't sure whether MMFF movies would still be around this weekend, so I thought to grab my last chance to watch these flicks. After all the good reviews I've been hearing about Metanoia, I finally resigned to watch it with a heavy heart (I wanted to watch Rosario initially, but as much as I love period films, I was scared that I was going to get ticked off with Jennylyn Mercado because a friend said the first part of the movie was like seeing Miaka on drugs).

I got to SM North, bought a ticket and a tub of popcorn and made it just in time! I was pretty psyched because it was going to be my first time watching a 3D movie. I was even tempted not to return the 3D glasses for remembrance. Haha!

I watched the last full show of the movie (around 9PM), but the movie house literally crawled with kids. I mean, it's nice that parents brought their kids to watch a great movie, but it's not practical to let them stay up at such a late hour. I'm not talking about the 10+ years old kids...I'm referring to the 5+ year old ones! Jeez! You can't expect young ones to sit for more than an hour at such a late night. I had to grit my teeth when the little devils ran around the place, talking in high pitched voices in the middle of the show. What were these parents thinking?

Enough flak. Here's just my general thoughts about the movie:

  • Inasmuch as I already saw through the whole plot in the middle of the story, I admit that there were times when I was caught offguard by a few punchlines. That's already a milestone in itself if you know how deplorable local movies are plot-wise.
  • Love, love, loooove the moral lesson. Yun lang, I think the tweens will relate to these more than the younger ones. This age bracket is  more into MMORPGs. That's the reason why I think the movie's wasted on little kids who will just probably prance around the movie house, irritating a lot of moviegoers. 
  • I also love the fact that there were more grownups in the crowd. And despite the late hour and the date since the movie was first shown, the place was still packed with viewers! I just love it when a movie cuts across age and lifestyles. 
  • Although this was supposed to be a movie on the pervasive entertainment of MMOs, there wasn't much detail on that part. I think this movie would've been perfect to show parents & the older crowd about the kids' fascination on computer games & how it's not as detrimental to a child's life as some paranoid folks think it is. Coming from a person who previously worked in the industry, the movie lacked a bit of convincing pull on that aspect.
  • I found the character of this kid who was flirtatious as hell WEIRD. 
  • It would've been nice if the movie featured the different types of Pinoy online gamers (ex.: scammers, PK addicts, raiders, noobs, looters, mamaws, etc.).
  • The hypnotism thingamajig part of the movie was weird. Sure, it may be an allegory to the fact that games can get addictive to the point that a player may forgo sleep & food, but it still felt weird to me.

Nonetheless, I liked the overall feel of the movie. I'm not gonna go gaga over it, but it was still a feel-good watch. I wonder if I'll feel the same if I watched Rosario.


  1. san mo kinuha theme? ganda!

  2. >> jan. kung ma-tyaga ka mag-browse, may makikita ka na trip mo. i had to browse around 20+ pages to find this layout. hehe.

  3. Napabuga ako sa sinabi ng friend mo: Miaka on drugs. I can't imagine watching a film only to witness someone who's as insufferable as Miaka, but then, I love period movies. In Mitch Dulce's blog, she bashed the inaccuracies of the hats worn in Rosario, oh and shall I add Philip Salvador's funny looking mustache:

    Anyway, I have no right to react about your RPG Metanoia review. I hope to get myself an original DVD of the movie. Sana isang buwan lang ang hintayin namin. I am thrilled to see a lot of good reviews about it. Sana tuloy tuloy ang pagpapalabas ng mga kakaibang Filipino movies---not only in 3D but also in 2D animation. :D

  4. nabasa ko yang blog ni mich dulce..natawa ako dun sa hirit na "philip salvador's moustache should have its own sitcom". LMAO.

    as for metanoia, it's a good movie overall. di ko alam kung maa-appreciate yun ni adley (yung MMORPG aspect), but generally speaking, the moral lesson is really something. :)

  5. Metanoia is a big step up sa mga previous animation offerings. Hoping to see big improvements in future offerings. I liked yung design ng RPG mismo, and the Philippine portal looks so cool.

    Panalo yung entry ni Mich Dulce!

  6. Haven't had a chance to watch either. T_T

    Re project 365, kebs kung cell phone camera hehe! Basta go! :)