Brewed Thoughts: "Out there"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Out there"

I realize that I've been spending most of my weekends at home and less "out there". There are times when I'd rather be at home than go out so I can catch up on long hours of sleep & devote my time to writing, but when you're not getting any younger, you really should be "out there" with your friends or probably just with yourself. I realize that I haven't been getting much of that (laziness is a major culprit as well). 

I've scoped out some events happening nearby and these are what I compiled:

Feb 5 - GK Enchanted Farms visit @ Angat, Bulacan

I'm really thinking of joining here. The participation fee's not so bad (P310 for those riding the transpo at the main office), plus the food's covered! I'd really like to see how Human Heart Nature manufactures its products & how they provide livelihood to the people. Note to self: reserve a slot next week!

Feb 21 - Stamp Collecting Seminar @ PhilPost office

I saw this announcement when I went to the post office yesterday. Seems promising (only P100 participation fee with kit). It might be nice if I can properly pursue this hobby (I've already got a couple of Netherlands & Indonesia stamps), but that would mean shelling out money. I might give this a go nonetheless.

Feb ?? - Binondo Plurk Fiesta

Err, Fristine, is this a go? Hehehe.

Volunteering at PAWS

Seriously considering this over Hands on Manila. I need it for a story I'm writing. Hehehe.

Yun pa lang. Hahaha. 'Kala nyo marami, noh? Ugh. Do you guys know any events that are ok to join in? I need to get myself "out there".


  1. Sent you something sa email, which you've read by now hehe.

    I'm getting "out there" lately thanks mostly to the invites of my officemate and a few people I met through Plurk. I've also gained weight thanks to it haha. Next time if they ask for people to invite I'll ask if I could bring you. Wala pa ako power to invite eh :P

  2. Keri lang. Ayoko rin namang biglain ang sarili ko kasi alam mo naman pag inatake ng katamaran...hehehe.

  3. Ako rin, I feel I should spend more time "out there." Haay. Katamaran din ang may kasalanan kadalasan hehe.

  4. Punta tayo dun sa GK farm! Masaya yun! :)

  5. I almost signed up for the GK Enchanted Farms visit. Sabay pala ng baby shower ni Ina. Sayang!

    Pwede ba akong sumama sa Plurk fiesta? By invite ba yan? Kayo lang kasi kilala ko.

    Uh-oh! Haven't volunteered yet. Argh.

    Alam mo, for someone who's always "out there", I kinda envy you for the amount and range of books you've read and the amount of rest you've enjoyed. Now I struggle with writing because I haven't been exposed to good writing (except for not-so-frequent blog-hopping) for the past years. After my knee injury naman, I felt bad for abusing my body. Oh, well.

    Hope we can hang out soon. Andito na si Yvie, di naman tayo nagkikita-kita! :))

  6. Lorns, inggit kaya ako. You're so "out there" that you have a multitude of experiences I can probably use for a dozen stories! Ang hirap kasi ng tubong bahay...tatamarin at tatamarin talaga. As in pili lang din yung mga gimik na sinasalihan ko. Kaya nga sinusubukan kong mag-bagong buhay ngayon.

    As for the Plurk fiesta, I think anyone on Fris's timeline can join? Hahaha atribida naman ako. Nakisawsaw nga lang ako sa discussion nila kasi nag-Binondo rin ako. Teka, asan na ba si Fristeta? Sama-sama na tayo, pati na si Yvie para 2 birds, 1 stone. :)

  7. Ladies, anyone on Plurk can go. Hindi invited ang hindi pupunta.

    Anne, sa March na tayo if that's okay. I realize my entire February is taken since nearly half of the women in my family will celebrate their birthdays during the love month.

    By hook or by crook, tuloy tayo.

  8. Asan yung usapan na yan sa Plurk about Binondo? Bakit hindi ko nakita? Hehe.

    Plurkfiesta is open to anyone naman eh. Ideally you know some people na kahit username-wise lang para pag nag introduce eh may name recall. Kahit isa lang makilala mo, dadami na yan later.

    I guess ako what I want is a balance of the lagalag time Lorna has, while keeping the relax time naman ng kaming mga taong bahay.

    Binondo tayo. I don't think you'd ever get tired of going there. :)

  9. Ok, March it is. I'll have time to consult with my boss what are the best places to visit. For one, I wanna go to a Buddhist temple. Feeling Fushigi Yuugi. Yack! XD

  10. Tara! Mag-temple hopping tayo!

    Speaking of, there's this talk about sex and singlehood on February 19th sa QC. I wanna attend! Napanood mo yung plug, diba, Kat?

    Fris, help me promote. :D

  11. Oist, san sa QC ito at what time? LEZZZ GOW!

  12. P1,000 ang donor pass eh. Game ka? It's in Crossroad 77, near ABS-CBN.