Brewed Thoughts: Project 365: Stuff & other randomity

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 365: Stuff & other randomity

I don't think if you've noticed how boring my life is just by looking at the pictures I've taken for Project 365. If it's not stuff taken within an arm's reach from my desk in the office, it's probably something random at home. But you know what's fun about this project?

Who the eff cares? As long as I take pictures everyday, I'm happy. It's like a step away from procrastination. Trust me, it's not easy fighting it, not when you have so many distractions vying to get your attention. 

This is what this week's photos are all about: random stuff. Funny how I manage to create a theme when there's really nothing thematic about it at all. 

Jan 16: Bought this feng shui bracelet from my boss's suki in Binondo. The colored beads are actually semi-precious stones representing certain elements (ex.: wisdom, focus, career, money, etc.). You can actually opt to choose a particular color depending on the element you want to highlight, but I chose to have all colors para sulit naman, 'di ba?

Jan 17: This is, by far, the most delicious instant hot choco I've ever tasted, like, ever. Go buy some.

Jan 18: A kind soul from England sent me this awesome package for the Postcrossing other items tag I joined a month ago. I loooove the chocolate peppermint coffee & the orange mandarin tea. This is probably the most amazing stuff I've ever received in my mail. Sign up in Postcrossing & join the fun!

Jan 19: Won this cute tote bag from the Meg Magazine Facebook promo.

Jan 20: Now this is what I call random. The day was already nearing its end when I realized I haven't taken a photo of anything. So I just snapped a photo of my laptop screen while I was checking out the latest Powerbooks newsletter. The Poetry Nights event sounded interesting, but it's on a weekday, so no can do.

Jan 21: Who could ever resist a look like that?

Jan 22: This is my first ever postcard from Japan! This is the Toshogu Yomeimon temple in Nikko City, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jan 23: This is the 2nd time I've watched Inception, & it never fails to turn my brain into a complicated knot. If it's any consolation, I'd watch it for a gazillion times just to see Eames/Tom Hardy kick ass.


  1. Wapakels na lang kung ano yung mga pinagkukuha ko. Hahaha!

  2. Love your 365 photos and looking forward to more---everyday! Good jobs mars!

  3. Thanks, mare sa pagta-tyaga ninyong mag-comment hehe. ;)

  4. Yo! Dumadaan lang, hehehe! I think I shall try that hot choco. :D And your doggie, so cute! :)

  5. Masarap sya, Zizi. Pramis! It's like yung tablea na niluto talaga. P15 lang isang sachet pero merong binebenta yung box around P295. Sulit naman pera mo kasi masarap talaga. :D

  6. Hala, napabayaan ko na nga pala yung Postcrossing account ko, no! Tsk tsk! Spank me.

    Whose dog is it? So cuuute! <3

    Aaah Inception. The best talaga...ang hard-on ni Tom Hardy! Woohoo!

    Keep it up, mare! ;)

  7. Nagtataka nga ako sayo bat hindi na kita nararamdaman sa Postcrossing. Bumalik ka na! :)

    That's our askal, Carding. He's very affectionate.

    Potek, da hirit ha. Lahveeeet! >:)

  8. Alam mo, nag-panic buying ako ng coffee at chocolate sa Pan de Manila. Sarap! Tuwang-tuwa ako maglakad from PBCom to dela Rosa. Iniiwan ko mga officemates ko. Ambilis ko raw maglakad. Instant workout! :D