Brewed Thoughts: A list of random stuff

Monday, June 28, 2010

A list of random stuff

I just needed to update this space, so I hope you won't mind the mindless rambling. I tend to do that a lot.

1. Finally done with ordering the proof copy of my NaNo 2009 novel in CreateSpace. After much revisions in both interior and book cover, I managed to get everything approved before the discount code ended this month. I feel half elated and disappointed—elated because I'm getting a hard copy of the novel I've slaved away for almost a year, and disappointed because I was only able to edit the manuscript only once. There are still a lot of errors in the copy that I'm not even that confident enough for anyone else to read it (apart from my immediate circle of friends who I know won't burn me down for the apparent lapse in grammar). This is what I get for procrastinating.

Prior to getting the nod from CreateSpace, I had to revert to the pre-made book covers they have available. It kinda sucks to know that I had to badger certain people just to help me iron out the kinks in my poorly-designed cover, only to find out I had to revise it in the end.

Out with the old...

In with the new

But what the hey...the cover I submitted wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it's even better than the one I designed. Yeah, sucks to have noob Photoshop skills. D:

2. July is coming. I haven't finished plotting out the chapter summaries. I know, I'm in major shit trouble.

3. The Tudors has finally ended. I watched the last episode via video streaming and I still haven't gotten over the fact that the series is over. The final scene showed the iconic portrait of Henry VIII by Hans Holbein...with Jonathan Rhys Meyer's face superimposed on it. Looks weird to me on several levels.

See how utterly WRONG this is?

Showtime's going to launch another historical drama next year called The Borgias starring Jeremy Irons. Dunno if I'm going to watch it. Still heartbroken with The Tudors (it's stupid, I know).


  1. Hi Mare! Nice book cover! It's not bad. ;) And oh about the grammar---I have it worse. Jusko, napansin ko lang na nangangalawang na ang grammar ko. Nakakahiya.

    Btw, let me know kung kelan lalabas ang book mo sa createspace. I-pu-plug ko 'to sa blog ko!

  2. Hehe, thanks mare! Na-bother lang ako kasi I know I could've done better with the editing, pero naubusan nako ng oras.

    Sure, I'll let you know, lalo na pag nakuha ko na yung proof copy. :D Thanks!