Brewed Thoughts: TV tropes

Friday, June 11, 2010

TV tropes

As my first post for Team Carnival (topic c/o Didi of The canDishh Tales), allow me to unhinge my brain to tell you about 2 of my most favorite TV series.

1. The Tudors

I stumbled upon this series while I was neck-deep in research for last year's NaNoWriMo. I needed inspiration to continuously write until I reached the 50k word mark, and there was no other perfect way to keep me from calling it quits than watching The Tudors.

I've always been a fan of history even if I don't remember half of the dates, people and places that went along with it. I'm a diehard fan of stories of long ago, and Showtime's The Tudors weaved rich stories of the life and reign of one of England's most controversial rulers.

Back when we breezed through this part in World History in high school, I mostly didn't give a shit and only concerned myself with passing quizzes and exams. But after seeing Seasons 1 to 3, I've never been so fascinated with Tudor England that I've found myself reading Henry VIII's Wiki page and collecting Philippa Gregory's historical fiction novels. I was more than just a fan...I was half close to being rabid.

I sort of feel kinda demented to be raving about this great series when half of my immediate circle of friends and acquaintances haven't even seen a single episode. I mean, guys, you're missing half your life. The costumes, the intricate story of politics, relationships and, hell's bells, even sex was discussed with such passion that you'd find yourself glued to the show for hours. That, and of course, Jonathan Rhys Meyers' tight ass beheld on the TV screen for the entire world to see.

Speaking of tight asses, there's one particular reason why The Tudors is in my top TV series.

Say hello to His Grace, Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk.

Come on, people, if that isn't enough for you to watch this show, then I don't know what will. LOL.

That's Henry Cavill, by the way. If you've watched the movie The Count of Monte Cristo, he played the part of Albert Mondego.

The Tudors is already in its 4th and final season and I will most probably join its cult of followers in berating on Showtime for putting an end to a great series when there's still more to be told about the reigns of Mary, Edward and Elizabeth. Like hello, the show is precisely called THE TUDORS for crying out loud.

2. Encantadia

People who are on familiar terms with me know that if there is one great fandom that I've ever had, it has to be this show. Admit it. Encantadia saved the entire local TV industry of all known forms of crap when GMA 7 aired the bestest show in the history of Philippine TV.

Some people called it a rip-off of LOTR. Although I'm not the idiot to say that Enca is way better than this blockbuster, but rather, it's on a different level and I'm not just referring to production and all that stuff.

In most ways, Enca was ingeniously Pinoy, and it endeared to a whole slew of people of various backgrounds, and not just the jologs. Suddenly, students started paying attention to their Filipino classes, and reading Florante at Laura and Noli and El Fili wasn't as painful as getting a tooth extracted with all the super deep Tagalog vocab. There was an even greater appreciation for sisterhood and women empowerment, though passé it may already be in this day and age.

I also got to wear skintight attire and makeshift armor made out of rubber foam, but let's not get into that.

And yes, there's also another reason why Enca is made of awesome sauce.

Lirean Captain of the Guard, Quezon City District 2's Councilor

Yes, I did vote for him. So sue me.

GMA's planning to bring Enca back with a new cast. I'm not really sure if I can enjoy the show without the original Sanggres, but we'll see on October of this year.

I guess that just about sums things up. I actually have a lot more favorites (like That 70s Show, House, Heroes, Friends and How I Met Your Mother), these two were just the first thing that popped into my head. So, thank you Team Carnival and Didi because I got to write this lengthy post. Believe me, it's one big achievement to get this done being a procrastinator and all.


  1. I knew it! You'd blog about these 2 shows. :D

    My friend Atong had been raving about The Tudors, too. You should meet her.

    I can't believe you voted for Vargas! But then again, at least hindi si Ara Mina! :))

    Naku, I really have to watch How I Met Your Mother na talaga! Watch ka na rin ng Chuck para nakaka-relate ka sa amin ni Kat! :))

  2. syempre, alam mo naman na from the start what shows i'll be writing about. :p

    anong story ng chuck? oks ba? haha ako lang yata ang hindi nanonood ng you watch that too? parang di ko trip. XD

  3. I included Chuck in my blog entry. Yeah, I'm soliciting for a visit. Hahaha!

    I haven't watched Glee either. Mindy sent me a DVD pero I can't find it yet. Hehehe!

  4. Hi! New reader here from Team Carnival. :)

    Ohhh, you love Encantadia too? I <3 that show. Nothing beats the original Sanggres. I remembered how I used to browse every forum about it before for summaries since I worked the GY shift.

  5. Hey RoSe, thanks for dropping by. :)

    I've watched Enca from Season 1 to Season 3 without fail. Haha. I consider that a huge feat since I don't really go out of my way to watch local soaps. Heck, I even bought the entire season 1 DVD just to relive it all. :D