Brewed Thoughts: Day 1 of iBlog7: Missed Expectations

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1 of iBlog7: Missed Expectations

This is my second year to attend the iBlog Summit and this year's a lot more awesome because I'm with some colleagues from work. Wanna know what's even more kickass? There was nary a sign of the resident douchebag, which was somewhat eerie to the point that the emcee had to ask why he was missing in action.

Like last year's installment, day 1 of the summit was about blogging for businesses. However, I felt that the previous topics of iBlog 6 were a lot more relevant to me from a business perspective. While I highly enjoyed the talks of Carlo Ople and Howie Severino, it seemed like the discussions centered more on how bloggers can make a living out of blogging. I was kinda looking for more tips and useful insights on blogging from a business vantage point. I wanted to know how blogging was viewed by corporations and marketing agencies and how, like it was said in the iBlog website, businesses tap blogs to leverage products & services. I just felt like most of the topics discussed would be of relevance to people who will be attending tomorrow. I did learn a lot of things, but I just felt like some of my expectations weren't met to some degree. 

Howie Severino's talk, taken by my feeble camera phone

Nonetheless, day 1 held a lot of promise with all the take away learnings we had, not to mention some goodies on the side. I actually thought I would end up winning nothing from the raffle, but I did manage to win a shirt. Later on at home, I found out the size was too large for my frame. Too bad, I really liked the color and all.

I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's talk! It's going to be more exciting with more people participating, and hopefully, I'd get to win something again. :)


  1. Hello Anne. Thank you for the insight. The topics were heavily influenced by the speaker proposals and suggestions we got when we made a call for papers. Let's keep in touch and look forward to your suggestions next year.

  2. Hi Ms. Janette, thanks for the explanation. I also noticed that most of the attendees were bloggers who blog for themselves & for their particular niche. Perhaps my impression on day 1 was more on seeing businesses & corporate people attending the 1st batch of discussions as I was looking for that kind of interaction (i.e., between companies). I'll make sure to pitch in some suggestions next year. iBlog was still a fun & insightful event nonetheless.