Brewed Thoughts: T Minus 2 Days

Friday, April 15, 2011

T Minus 2 Days

Dizz izz iiiit!

My first travel shindig this year! It's been so long since I last packed my bags and slept in someplace different. I think the last time was when I went to Zambales to Kat's place with Fris and Lorna and it's been like forever. As in. 

I've been reading some stuff online as well as asking friends for good places to visit there and it's been an overload of information. I'd like to try everything and go everywhere, but I don't want to overplan. I like being surprised by the places I visit, and hopefully, I make the most out of the number of days over there with the sister. I freaking deserve this holiday. Damn straight.


  1. Have fun! Don't forget to take a bazillion photos. :D

  2. dapat lang, just enjoy your whole trip and tell us about it later k ;)

  3. Talagang bazillion photos. Hahaha. I can haz camera there. :D

  4. Mare, nasan naman yung pictures mo sa trip sa SG? im waiting na.. even my mom would like to see it too hehe

    btw, iba na pala yung site ko, its, hindi na "ovadose" -thanks!