Brewed Thoughts: Thai noodles & mom's cooking

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thai noodles & mom's cooking

St. Francis Square in Ortigas has always been our favorite go-to place every Friday for lunch. Not only does the place offer a lot of great buys, they also have a food joint that offers a wide variety of stuff to choose from.

I usually frequent this store that probably has the best tasting, feel-good Asian noodles that's not as expensive as Phobac or Pho Hoa. Sen Lek offers Thai noodles that are just as filling and comforting as its expensive counterparts. You can choose from 4 variants of garnishes (wanton, meatballs, beef or mixed), but the broth, veggies and flavors are just one and the same. 

What's great about Sen Lek is that your noodles are served piping hot, and you have the option of tweaking some of the flavors, particularly the chili and garlic. I've experienced tasting a noodle bowl with a mean chili zing and one that's really garlicky. Last Friday I had both flavors held in check and it was just a perfect!

Sen Lek's Thai noodles are priced reasonably at 70 bucks tops for the mixed bowl and 50 bucks for the wanton bowl. The other variants come in just a 5-10 peso difference, so it's still within the budget.


Still on the subject of food, mom cooked pansit for lunch today in lieu of their wedding anniversary last April 9. If there's one thing I can't say no to, it has to be my mother's cooking. Sarap!


  1. noodles! I absolutely love 'em, every kind.

  2. Bru, minsan punta tayo dun sa Thai restaurant sa Marikina. Sulit ang presyo, masarap ang pagkain. :)

    Happy Anniversary sa iyong magulang!

  3. Home-cooked meals are the best! :)

  4. ang sarap naman, nakakainggit :P