Brewed Thoughts: Team Carnival: My best blog post

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Team Carnival: My best blog post

Finally, I get to participate in another Team Carnival blog challenge, this time for the best blog post I've written. This blog isn't really that old enough for me to backtrack on the best stuff I've written thus far (heck, I haven't been posting regularly for weeks already), but if there was one entry I enjoyed writing, it had to be the Potipot summer getaway in Zambales.

This entry takes me back to my Livejournal years when I would write about anything & everything without fail. I most especially enjoyed writing about my frequent out of town trips from my previous travel writing jobs, and writing about this trip to Zambales with friends was all the more enjoyable because it was something personal. What's even better was that I took a fairly good amount of photos throughout the entire duration of the trip. It was also the time where I first met Fristine, although we've been corresponding many times via Plurk.

I've probably said several times over that I've been having difficulty blogging religiously with the advent of micro-blogging & Facebook. But with great experiences like this with close friends, it's almost impossible to not blog about it.


  1. Oh, gosh! This reminds of my neglected Livejournal account. :'(

    Thank you for NOT blogging about your malikot na katabi sa kama (it felt awkward to use bed-mate)! Hahaha!

    Here's to more travels! ;)

    P.S. Ang cute ni Raya diyan!

  2. Haha hindi naman ako ganun ka-detalyado magkwento so I glossed over the "bed-mate" thingee. :)

    Kelan ang next escapade natin? Hehe.