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Monday, August 30, 2010

Postcards etc.

I'm officially addicted to postcards and Lately I've been seeing myself going in and out of National Bookstore buying postcards by the dozen. Ever since discovering Postcrossing through Elise Estrella, I've been immersing myself in card swaps, traveling notebooks and lotteries at the forums. I've already sent 8 cards as of this writing, 3 of which have already reached their destination. So far, I have yet to receive my postcards.

I've been worried as of late because I haven't been getting any cards for the past month. I know our local post can be quite inefficient, but seriously...pati ba naman postcards eh pagkaka-interesan pa?

told me to just keep cool and not wait for it because the element of surprise is what makes the exchange enjoyable. I dunno...I'm just anxious as hell. Why is it taking this long for a bunch of cards to arrive? Hrrrr.

Anyway, I'm having a roll exchanging local postcards with other people from all over the world. I'm really psyched to receive the Harry Potter, Korean cats and Buckingham Palace cards in my mail. Though I wonder how many months I'll have to wait for that.

Still, I'd give an arm and leg if I can get postcards of the following:

Alhambra Palace (Granada, Spain)
Tokyo Tower
Ludlow Castle (Shropshire, England)
Greenwich Palace (London, UK)
Taj Mahal
Tower of London
Winnipeg, Canada (thank you AVPM)
Jeju Island (Korea)

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