Brewed Thoughts: I keep trash on my desktop

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I keep trash on my desktop

Found this random thing lying around my desktop while cleaning my hard drive.

I wonder if some people feel the oddity of it all
Of being uncomfortably close, fidgety, distraught
It's only a matter of three paces at most
But it feels as if I can almost grasp it at arm's length


It seems as if I could almost see it
My sense of sight and feeling twice as receptive
The ears half straining to hear the catch in the voice
My mind keeping the skin from being all over the place


Somehow I don't know if this is all just me
I fear to turn around and see indifference
Or worse if those eyes will see straight past
Without a word or recognition

Nobody gives a damn.

So why should I?

Or should I?

Wow. How long has it been since I last wrote a poem?


  1. I like the voice of your poem mare! :D It leaves you a conclusion to choose whether you stay blind or you trudge your life consciously.

    So mare, which one did you choose? Mwah!

    Love it!


  2. Win! Haha. I miss writing poems, and songs.

  3. @Yvie: Hindi pa ako nakakapag-desisyon. Haha. Iba actually yung reason/inspiration behind the poem. Natuwa naman ako na hindi lang pala iisa ang ibig sabihin. Hehe. Thanks, mare! :D

    @Kat: Ang hirap magpaka-in the zone para magsulat ng tula. Hehe. Salamat.