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Monday, August 30, 2010

I Heart Froyo

When you're really determined to cut back on the amount of calories you eat everyday, it's very difficult to veer away from temptation. Personally, it takes quite an effort to say no to sweets, chips & practically everything else because I have to keep in mind that I can't burn all those calories with my very limited activity. But if I have to indulge in my sweet tooth once in a while, I'd rather gorge on frozen yogurt, or for the sosi peepz, "fro-yo".

What really sucks is that although there have been a lot of these joints that have mushroomed since Red Mango, the price for a cupful is close to highway robbery. That's why I was more than just psyched when I spotted this quaint fro-yo place in Teacher's Village in QC.

Unlike its sosi counterparts, I Heart Froyo is as Spartan as can be. The place isn't adorned with fancy furniture, nor do they use extravagant dishes where they serve the yogurt. The place was just decorated with a bit of color and a few whimsical stuff, but it was more like a local hangout joint than a convening place for the rich and fashionable.

As for the yoghurt, it's not as fine or firm as that of its high end counterparts, but it's not that bad either. The texture is a bit softer and there's a slightest tinge of sourness to it.

I bought two large cups (PHP 70), one for myself and my cousin, and paid an additional PHP 15 each for toppings of graham & choco mallows. You can also opt to buy it in small cone (PHP 35) or in a regular cup (PHP 55). You can choose from an array of toppings at PHP 15 (oreo, graham, chocnut, choco chip cookie, choco mallows, apple, cinnamon, kiwi, mango & blueberries). For PHP 20, you can get toppings of gummi bears, M&Ms, almonds and Nerds on your fro-yo.

It's reasonably priced considering the stuff is importerd from Australia & Italy, not to mention the equipment needed to store the yoghurt at the right temperature.

Frozen yoghurt is the healthier option if you're craving for ice cream or sweets in general and I'd definitely recommend I Heart Froyo to the health conscious as well as to those who are on the lookout for the more budget-friendly variety.

I Heart Froyo is located at 44M B Magiting St., Teachers Village, Quezon City. Store hours is from Monday to Saturday (11am to 11pm) and Sunday (11am to 9pm). Email for more inquiries.

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