Brewed Thoughts: The things about language that piss me off online

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The things about language that piss me off online

I'm almost always online everyday, and there are times when I encounter annoying people who bastardize both the English and Filipino languages. It's bad enough some people think they're "bilingual" when they can't even spell or punctuate the words even if they died trying, but all these variations to save on character space is just abhorrent. I would always grit my teeth and control the urge to punch someone who types/posts in these lines:

  • Nanaman / nalang. It's na naman / na lang. Get it right.
  • Super *insert adjective here* (e.g.: super thankful, super sorry, super galing)
  • Using the word "epic" to denote something awesome, great, amazing

  • Spelling "ako" as "aq" (or any form of jejespeak for that matter)
  • Wait lang (pwede namang sabihing "sandali lang")
What even drives me to commit homicide is the fact that some people have the gall to abbreviate words when they've got a perfectly functioning keyboard at their disposal. Sadly, I encounter a lot of this at work. 

Disclaimer: I do not proclaim myself as ultimately without flaw in grammar and syntax. It doesn't mean that even if the other person can understand the bastardized language you're posting online, doesn't mean you should go ahead and mangle the damned thing.


  1. Utang na loob, Anne, gumawa ka na ng Tumblr para mareblog ko ito agad! Kthxbai! :)

  2. I totally feel for you, mare. Hehehe!

  3. May tumblr ako! (haha bumigay na rin sa wakas) Anong username mo? I'll repost this there haha. Kung may maidadagdag ka pa, lemme know. :D