Brewed Thoughts: Subspace Coffee: Still beyond my galaxy

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Subspace Coffee: Still beyond my galaxy

I first heard about Subspace Coffee from a blog entry and I was immediately intrigued. Being a coffee and food junkie, I had to check out the place, so I hauled the only two people I can count on for spur-of-the-moment rendezvouz for a Friday evening gimik. 

I love hole-in-the-wall coffee shops and restaurants, and this place is no different. Subspace Coffee, located along Emerald Avenue, a stone's throw away from Strata 100 and Robinson's Galleria. We got there around past 7pm and the place was jam-packed with office workers who had the same idea of hanging out after a long and strenuous work week.

The place was designed to look quirky and avante garde. The first thing we noticed were these chairs hung upside down in the ceiling, Kpop posters and jeepney signs on the granite walls along with furniture that I reaaaallly liked. But despite all the nifty decorations and interiors, it was too cramped for my taste. The initial excitement somewhat died halfway when we had to squeeze through the little spaces until we got our seats in some cramped up corner. It would've been really nice if the place was spacious enough, though I liked the ambiance nonetheless.

Microwaved carbonara
Spam Honey Mustard sandwich
While the three of us pretended to ignore the silent film showing of Bleach projected on the wall, we ordered some drinks and food. Again, the excitement went down another notch with the rather expensively-priced menu. I ordered an 8oz Purple Potato Latte (P125) and a Spam Honey Mustard sandwich (P100). My friends ordered a cold Peanut Butter Latte, Iced Green Tea, Carbonara and Corned Beef Mushroom sandwich. I was equally disappointed with the quality of the food (the sandwiches could have been toasted at the very least) given the price. I suppose since the place didn't have a kitchen to begin with, there's really not much they can do. We haven't tried the cakes, though. My purple latte tasted a bit too sweet, but I guess it was ok. It was a quirky attempt to reinvent a common drink, so there's a redeeming factor so to speak. 

Purple Potato Latte--the only thing that saved it all.
The experience wasn't that disastrous despite a few disappointments. I realized that a nice looking joint doesn't necessarily mean great food. I guess the place needs to gain more mileage for it to expand and develop their menu, but they do have a good base of clientele within the area. Probably that could jumpstart the cafe into further improvements in the coming months.

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