Brewed Thoughts: Goodbye, Amaya

Monday, September 19, 2011

Goodbye, Amaya

I've already stopped watching Amaya since two weeks ago. I couldn't bear to stomach the dragging episodes every night (I don't really watch it on TV so I didn't lose much sleep). I thought I'd be able to bear the horrible Marian Rivera acting and the seemingly Mara Clara-ish snail's pace scenes, but I finally said to hell with it. For all its hype and pomp, the so-called epicserye dragged forever before Marian could ever don that warrior's costume & chop the balls off the other cast members.

But as I hear it, Rajah Mangubat was FINALLY killed (took him forever to drop dead, I swear), and the stupid tagna was fulfilled. But not until after all the yakking and tear-jerking whatevers from gag-inducing Marian.

Sorry, I thought this show had promise with Ms. Suzette Doctolero at the writing helm. I was wrong. The show dragged longer than the epic Hinilawod and I was already choking with the sappiness of it all. I've had enough.

I'm just gonna bide my time and wait for Merlin Season 4 or Game of Thrones Season 2. That or I can just finish off my book backlog. Time well spent.

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  1. I'm with you. Amaya is a disappointment. Would you believe that I don't really directly watch the show but I listen to the dialogues alone? Hahaha. It's dragging na kasi and just like any other local TV show, 'pag mataas ang rating, patatagalin sa ere. I'm simply tired of local TV period.