Brewed Thoughts: Going through the book list

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Going through the book list

So...I've been at my book backlog list and I've ticked two off the list. It feels a bit rewarding knowing that I've been getting back in the reading habit and I just want to share my thoughts on some of them.

Game of Thrones
I made a good decision of reading the book while tuning in to the series because my mind can't get a grip on the boatloads of characters mentioned. I'm glad that HBO stayed true to the story and whatever diversions made complemented the book in so many ways. I've already bought book 2 and I can't wait to finish it before season 2 starts.

Twenties Girl
I've always liked Sophie Kinsella's light, tongue-in-cheek humor to her stories, but I guess if you've read one Kinsella book, you've read them all. Seriously. I keep getting glimpses of Rebecca Bloomwood even if her main character has a different name and a different profession. The fact that the story has a meddling, pushover ghost for a supporting character threw the believable factor out the window. I read the entire thing in just one day, and thank God it was a fast read otherwise, it would've been like getting a tooth extraction just to get over reading the damn thing.

My Name is Memory
I haven't finished this one and it already feels like I've been reading this book for months. Honestly, I'm not even interested to find out if the girl will ever remember the guy. The story is too dragging and I find myself gagging every time the male character goes off in his monologues of self pity. It's like reading Twilight in slow mo.

I just hope the other books in my list have something better to offer, otherwise it will just be one long list after the other.

Or maybe I just need a Kindle. Hehehe.

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  1. Kindle! Kindle! Or buy the Kindle Fire! :)

    Just finished the 2nd book "A Clash of Kings". Too late to watch the series so I'm making do with my imagination.

    I've also read Twenties Girl and regretted that paid I think SG$50+ bucks for it (was flying back to HK from SG then) and it was hard-bound pa! You're right - when you've read one Sophie Kinsella novel, you've read them all. Sigh.

    Have you read any of Ann Patchett's novels? I only have "Bel Canto" but I want to read "The Saint of Liars". Also, look for "Angelology". :)

  2. Been wanting to buy Angelology, but I got scared after reading reviews. Hindi raw maganda. How is it anyway?

    And I can't believe you bought a hardbound Kinsella book. What were you thinking? Hahaha!

  3. And I can't believe you bought a hardbound Kinsella book. What were you thinking? Hahaha!

    That's the point - I wasn't!

  4. Naku, wag mo nang pagtiyagaan ang My Name is Memory. It does not get better.

    1. Haha matagal na akong sumuko dyan sa librong yan. Parang walang katapusan lang.