Brewed Thoughts: One of the most touching weddings I've ever witnessed

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One of the most touching weddings I've ever witnessed

Weddings. It's like some hot new trend that almost everyone in my immediate circle of acquaintance is really getting into right now. From relatives to friends and former classmates, there's something special about seeing the people close to you finally settle down.

For someone who has attended a number of these events, it can get pretty typical, even if the entire program was engineered flawlessly. I feel somewhat detached from the entire thing, despite the fact that I'm physically present, eating the wedding cake and anxiously stepping away from the bouquet's landing direction. Needless to say, weddings these days are just colorful orchestrations of food, decors, flowers, and what everyone else is wearing.

I thought I was about to attend another one of those occasions when my friend, Fristine, invited me to her wedding last December 4. We were already informed beforehand that we were to sport the 1940s fashion, and needless to say, it was very frustrating. I researched about the clothes of that era and was taken aback by the glaring fact that dresses during those times highly emphasized women's tiny waists (which I obviously don't have). I was supposed to commission a seamstress to work on my dress, but there were some last minute setbacks, so I resorted to scouring the malls for a close replica. 

To cut the long story short, I was able to find a great dress at a bargain price, plus awesome shoes to go along with it. It somewhat felt like cosplaying all over again as I was more than just excited during the week of the wedding.

Gathering of close friends

Fristine already mentioned that the ceremony at the Filipinas Heritage Library was going to be a family affair. I racked my brains thinking where were they supposed to hold the ceremonial part of the wedding in a library. I don't know how they did it, but they did.

Anyway, some of the bride's friends (myself included) attended part 2 of the wedding, which included a guided tour of Ayala Museum and dinner at Travel Cafe in Greenbelt 5. This unusual program already broke the mold of the typical wedding in my book. The reception wasn't even orthodox to begin with: there was no presidential table to separate the couple from the guests, no traditional wedding games and what not. It was just a plain and simple gathering of closests friends over good Pinoy food.

One of the things that really struck me was the deep-seated bonds of friendship the guests had for both the bride and groom. Such ties were laid out in the open and I felt honored in the deepest sense to be considered as a good friend, when in fact I only knew Fris via Plurk and Alvin when Fris introduced him to us after our Zambales trip. For a while, I thought what was I doing in such a solemn event when I only became friends with them for just a couple of months? Still, it was a touching and tear-jerking experience to hear everyone's account of their most memorable moments with either Fris or Alvin. It's quite difficult to elaborate your thoughts when you've got a rock lodged in your throat.

To Fristine and Alvin, thank you guys for such an extraordinary experience. I wasn't just a spectator in the next chapter of your livesit felt as if I was really living it. I truly admire you both for the love you have for our country and the love you have for each other. You bless us all by just being your friends.

Congratulations and best wishes!

Photos by Yvie, Kim & Ces 


  1. My exact same sentiments :) I feel honored to have part of this. Congratulations and best wishes Alvin & Fristine!

  2. I couldn't have said it better. *applause* :)