Brewed Thoughts: Cannot wait for Christmas

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cannot wait for Christmas

Would you believe I want Christmas to fly by? I just want Decmeber 25 to be over because that means it will only be a few days until my sister flies back home. I haven't seen her in months, and this will be our first Christmas as a family without her. She'll only be in Manila for 6 days, which is kind of bitin, but it's better than not having her for the holidays at all. I really miss her a lot. (Urk. Yuck. Jologs. Hahaha!)

It's good that she's blogging often (which I can't say the same for my lazy bum self) so more or less I get updated about her life in SG (or more like the disasters in her life in SG). Can't wait for April too because I get to go there and see her make a total moron of herself in person. Hahahaha! I hope this trip pushes through. I've been pissed several times over with the cancelled business trip we were supposed to have last November.

Anyway, no point lamenting over the past. Can't wait 'til my sister comes home!


  1. mare, whats the link of your ate's site?

  2. it's