Brewed Thoughts: Never too late for Christmas prezzies

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Never too late for Christmas prezzies

Today has just been super. I got an extra day off, thanks to the leave I filed. That gave me the free time to drop by the post office to claim a parcel sent by a friend from the US. I was surprised to see a box waiting for me with the following stuff inside:

Awesome loot!

Can you believe this Mokona plushie may be smaller than the ones sold in Comic Alley, but it's got a bigger ass? Hehehe. I think the Mokona variant sold here is the one that's seen on Tsubasa. I don't like the talking Mokona there, so I'm pretty happy with this. 

My growing collection of MKR plushies

Also, my sister's home! Yay! She brought quite a lot of great stuff for my mom, dad and bros. She finally brought home this:

It's never too early to plot for next year's mayhem.

Honestly speaking, I dunno if I will use the pen & notebook. They're too pretty! I've already used the mug (coffee tasted better with the NaNo mug haha!), & it's pretty awesome since the ceramic is quite thick (and heavy too). And dig this: she also borrowed a Nikon D3000 DSLR!!! I was so ready to piss in my pants when she mentioned that she forgot the battery charger back in SG. I'm like...What. The. Hell. Ugggh.

Kinda sucks that I have to go back to work tomorrow, but it's only just for a few days. I'm glad my sister's back home even for a few days. Hopefully we'd get some girl bonding done with the mother. :D

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