Brewed Thoughts: Top 10 Alodia Facts

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Top 10 Alodia Facts

  1. Alodia spelled backwards is aIDOLa.
  2. There is already an ongoing patent application for Alodia's trademark pose: the heart hand.
  3. Even scrubbed free of makeup and wearing only a cheesecloth, Alodia is still the stuff of every fantard's wet dream.
  4. Fantards can fap all they want, but they can never shag Alodia.
  5. All you have to do is fall under the categories of an old geezer, wannabe photographers with bad grammar & lecherous sex maniac with a title of "VP for some whatchamacallit Internet organization" in order to get close to the queen of cosplay. You must also have a blog in honor of Her Royal Awesomeness.
  6. Only Alodia can turn a wake for a dead relative into a photo op.
  7. Alodia is averse to cosplaying on bikinis. But she cosplayed as Amaha Masane from Witchblade with her melons jutting out.
  8. Only Alodia needs the protection of a dozen bouncers on steroids in an anime con in case of any assassination attempts.
  9. It isn't Alodia's fault that the Chinese online game she endorsed didn't get the mileage it needed. They dressed her up too conservatively.
  10. Alodia cosplays as a box from Metal Gear Solid and she will still get mobbed by perverts cosplaying as photographers.


  1. There was a smile on my face when I read this post of yours. #4 is soooo true! Hahaha! With regards to #7, I first saw her cosplay Yuna (if I'm not mistaken) and every guy was drooling because she was wearing what I believe was a thong. She and sister Ashley won 3rd (or was it 2nd?) place that year and eventually that jumpstarted her cosplay career.

  2. I stand corrected... I think it was Rikku she cosplayed that time. :P