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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dance on TV

Admittedly, I've never been a good dancer. I've never been a dancer, period. I was the one who always lagged behind in PE during folk dance lessons and I totally sucked at an aerobics class trial for the gym my officemates and I planned to sign up for. Nevertheless, this didn't bog me down in appreciating those who can really whip it up on the dance floor.

I remember the first time I watched So You Think You Can Dance on cable TV and I was instantly hooked. They showed reruns of Season 3 (the one where Sabra Johnson won), and I thoroughly enjoyed the contestants' performances of various dance genres. I scoured the stores for some DVDs of the succeeding seasons, but I was only able to watch the entirety of Seasons 5 & 6. Anyway, YouTube was there to give me brief glimpses of some of the best performances in several seasons, and here are my favorites:

Neil Haskell & Lacey Schwimmer

Time by Billy Porter

This dance number was choreographed by one of my favorite mentors in the show, Mia Michaels. It was her personal story about her dad, and I just bawled after watching it. As Nigel Lythgoe succinctly put it, the performance was about "breaking away from all technique and just dance as if no one was watching". Brilliant piece from Mia.

Kupono Aweau & Kayla Radomski

Gravity by Sara Bareilles

Again, another Mia Michaels masterpiece, this time, about addiction. It's just so haunting that I'll let the video speak for itself.

Joshua Allen & Katee Shean
Hip Hop

No Air by Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown

I was only able to watch this upon the recommendation of Elise Estrella, and I have to say that this piece really knocked my socks off. Napoleon & Tabitha (NappyTabs) are also my favorite choreographers in the show & I just love their take on relationships in the form of dance. This is truly awesome stuff.

Legacy Perez & Ellenore Scott

Machine Gun by Portishead

Although I'm not a fan of Travis Wall, I really loved this piece because it was outright dangerous to execute (jumping over a table & doing your dance moves on top of it is a very risky business), not to mention that it showed the best of Legacy & Ellenore.

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