Brewed Thoughts: Dear Universe...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear Universe...

Image from The Creative Penn
I'm (independently) publishing a novel that I wrote a couple of months ago. I never thought I'd get to this stage where I'd really pursue this thing, but I'm very much excited! I just hurdled the first of the many revision with my editor, and I'm all for positive vibes. I want to finish all editing stuff by next month, and hopefully publish by October. It's probably going to be out on Amazon/Smashwords first as I need to save up on funds for the print version. But what the hey, I'm finally getting there! 

Stay tuned as I'll definitely make some noise in this blog as I get closer to the big day. I'm really psyched to get this out!


  1. Thanks, Goldie. We're gonna make this awesome. :D

  2. Huwaw! I was so delighted to receive your fanpage invite some weeks ago. Grabe, I'm so excited for you! Congratulations! Can't wait for your paperback version (wala pa akong Kindle eh huhu)! Invite me sa book signing ha! ;)

  3. Thanks, mare. Magkakaroon naman talaga ng paperback version. :) I appreciate all the support!