Brewed Thoughts: A day with the Lourd

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A day with the Lourd

The thing about living in the city is that you can never get around anywhere without shelling out some money. This is the reason why I rarely go out on weekends (as in rarely). This week, however, was an exception; it's not everyday you get to meet one of your idols in the flesh. 

The Best of This is a Crazy Planets Book Signing
event happened at National Book Store in Trinoma just this afternoon. The place was packed even before the appointed time of the program. I managed to squeeze my way into the crowd and grab a spot near the stage where I eagerly awaited the guy who stirred quite a crowd with his thought-provoking sentiments about the Filipino idiosyncracy.

I remember my first (virtual) encounter with the Lourd. I don't really watch local TV, and I only knew about The Word of the Lourd when an episode video clip popped in my Facebook timeline when it was shared by one of my friends. From then on, I kept on tuning in to their FB page for the latest videos of The Word of the Lourd. The man is unquestionably smart (four-time Palanca awardee ba naman?!), and he disses our weird Filipino ways with so much finesse that even the Jejemons worship him. I became an instant fan ever since.

Anyway, I finally saw him lingering behind the massive tarp and I had to control the urge to squeal. Hahaha. I felt like a high school student with her first crush.

When Lourd came up onstage and read one article from his book, man, I have to say I can literally listen to his voice all day. Nevermind the cuss words in between the witty quips...the voice was just...well...let's just say, "Boses pa lang, ulam na."

It was grateful I didn't have to wait for such a long time before I got my book (and a friend's) signed. When I got up front and he signed my book, he made a few comments that went something like this:

Lourd: Wow, may cover na ha. (He's referring to my book wrapped in plastic cover.)
Me: Ah, matagal ko na kasing nabili yan.
Lourd: San mo nabili?
Me: Ah, sa National din.
Lourd: So, Anne, ano'ng ginagawa mo?
Me: Sa compressor ng aircon.
Lourd: Wow!

...and that's the story to the dedication in the book.

The long lines seemed to go on forever, even way past the two hour event. I still snuck in the book store and he was still signing books, still enthusiastically meeting his fans, saying, "Gusto ko lamang ipagpaalam na hindi po ako si Bob Ong."

Thanks, Lourd. Wasak ang araw na 'to. Mabuhay ka!


  1. Wohoo. This man is an idol, seriously. I met him once back in college, when my ex-roommate was still going out with one of the guys from Sago. Pero alam ko yun, deadma pa ako sa utak ng tao na to. Ngayon sobrang *insert Plurk worship icon here*. He's like my male Jessica Zafra, only I think he's more personable. I love the dedication!

    Nagkita ba kayo ni Lorna?

  2. Wala si Lorna, mare. Di ko nga alam kung nakapunta ba sya. Ngayon lang ako na-gwapuhan sa isang lalakeng may receding hairline. Hahaha. Ibang level.

  3. Di ako nakapunta, mare. I could use a lot of rest talaga and I had to attend a workout event sa Church by 6pm.

    But my friend from Summit Media asked him to sign my copy. Guess what? Familiar daw ang name ko!!!

    I'm so happy for you, Anne! Inggit ako sa photo opp!

  4. Bagay kayo! LOL

  5. Nakaka-ilang photo op ka na sa mga lalake sa buhay ko, Lorna. Kailangang makabawi naman ako haha. Ang babaw.

  6. Hahahaha! I love his dedication! Panalo mare!!! :)) Sayang I have a book here, but I couldn't go down yet to have it signed.

  7. Huh? Si Councilor Vargas pa lang naman ha. Meron pa ba? *kamot ulo*

  8. Meron pa! Nalimutan ko lang kung sino hahaha.