Brewed Thoughts: Compassion for the cat killer...wut?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Compassion for the cat killer...wut?

By now, some of you have gotten wind of the latest news to hit us all in the face. I may probably be a little bit over-emotional on this, but I'd just like to say that the guy's punishment is way too nice for words. 

I've read a blog entry saying that people should be more compassionate towards the guy who insanely beat the living crap out of a defenseless animal. While we all agree that this dude is crazy and needs professional help, I think we're way beyond compassion. Shoot me now for saying that he should've served jail time, not to mention that he should be expelled from UP. 

Yeah, yeah, I've had enough crap about people saying "let he who has no sin be the one to cast the first stone" drama. Thing is, we are never going to move forward if we're all babying law offenders. Sure, all of us are sinners, but do we all go around killing random things that come our way? Do we suddenly just shoot the people that piss us off just because we feel like it? 

We are never going to move forward as a nation if we cannot even execute the law to its maximum force. It's the only way we can stop delusional people from breaking the law. We need an iron fist to ram the law down our throats. 

I just find the discussions on vegetarianism hilarious. 

P.S.: This is just my opinion. If you have any problems, create your own blog and let loose there.
P.P.S.: This rant is not just about the cat killer, but to law breakers in general.


  1. LOL @ the disclaimers :-p I agree that the punishment is very light. *sighs*

  2. then when get news of powerful/rich people receiving special treatment in our jails...tsk, tsk...