Brewed Thoughts: Amaya First Impressions

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amaya First Impressions

After Encantadia, I found no other reason to rush back home at the end of the day and watch some sensible show on TV. But after six years, it looks like there's something worthwhile to watch in primetime, and that's GMA's topbilled epicserye, Amaya.

Marian Rivera as Amaya
Gardo Versoza as Rajah Mangubat
I had initial qualms about some of the cast members, among other things, but I didn't want to hold judgment when I haven't seen the first few episodes. But last night's pilot episode was just phenomenal that I was raving about it in Facebook and Plurk.

Machete's back!
Needless to say, I was impressed with the way production designer Rodell Cruz and costume designer Gino Gonzales put together such an elaborate civilization of long ago. But if there were any scene stealers in the show, I have to give props to Gardo Versoza as Rajah Mangubat. The man who I thought to be a "has been" sort of stepped out from his glory days in Seiko Films and came back to the limelight, Machete style. He was so unlike the last fantasy series he starred in where he was the tame and two-dimensional Haring Agat (Atlantika). In Amaya, not only did he achieve his buff bod that made him the Sexiest Man in Asia, I think he was one of the cast members who really looked and played the part.

Gina Alajar as Dian Lamitan
Irma Adlawan as Mantal
Although the rest of the cast did their acting part, they paled in comparison to the thespic prowess of veterans such as Gina Alajar and Irma Adlawan. Their acting was believable, genuine and crisp that they overshadowed the likes of Lani Mercado and Ayen Munji-Laurel. I hope director Mac Alejandre pushes his artists more. I may not be a seasoned actor, but I know scripted acting when I see one. Let's just hope the other stars who have yet to appear on the show play their part well.

I urge all viewers to also do their research take what they see on TV with a grain of salt. The show may have had help from historians (albeit as reported they got two UP historians on board...I dunno if that suffices for thorough research), it pays to also know your history and pay attention to the story more than the stars that portray the characters. I think GMA is well on the road to educate its viewers, with Encantadia as probably its most successful series to date. I hope and pray that Amaya will follow suit.

Photos from Amaya Facebook fanpage


  1. Finally - something sensible to watch on local primetime TV.

  2. anong oras ito? I'm going to go watch!

    You just might be right on Amaya being just the perfect epic serye to watch out for

  3. Sayang, isa akong graveyard girl. Di ko masusubaybayan. Huhuhu!

  4. hindi ko napanood kagabi.. nagpostcrossing kasi ako ei. Dapat pala, sinamahan ko na yung nanay ko na secretly na nageenjoy (hindi man lamang sa kin sinabi na Amaya na pala)

  5. Hmm, can't watch this as I have no TV, but I have faith that you guys know what you're talking about. Let's hope that Amaya lives up to its hype (as I'm very skeptic of the lead actress).

  6. Guys pwede nyo panoorin dito:

    It's aired around 8:30-8:45PM. Dumating ako kaninang 9PM nag-umpisa na pala. Anyway, you can still watch it online. There are a lot of blog sites that put up back episodes after they air. Much better to watch them online too kasi nakaka-frustrate manood sa primetime...daming commercials.

  7. Finally, something sensible on TV. I've been going to and fro the channels, looking for something to kill time. I hope Amaya is the birth of "good" teleseryes of this generation and I pray of Amaya's success too.

    Hands down kay Gardo Versoza, Gina Alajar and Irma Adlawan. Kulang pa yung ibang actors sa portrayal nila. Konting romansa pa sa karakter nila. :)

    Now I wonder how the Binukots will fare? (Marian, Glaiza and Rochelle).

  8. I so wanted to watch the pilot but I missed it. :( Ganda ng reviews and "behind the scenes"-- super phenomenal talaga yung preparations dito. kudos. Great review, ate Anne-- this is Jillax from postcrossing. Nakarating ako dito to tell you I have one extra UST postcard that I can mail you. (haha) pero di sya kagandahan. PM mo na lang ako. :)

  9. Oi Jill! Hahaha napadaan ka? Uy sige PM kita sa forum. Hehehe. Thanks!