Brewed Thoughts: The list of epic randomness

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The list of epic randomness

One of my great failings as a Libran is that I have a very fickle mind as well as the inordinate tendency to do a lot of things. What sucks is that while I have a ton of ideas swimming in my head, I either do nothing about it, or I do something, but abandon it mid-way. I'm not sure if anyone's ever experienced the same thing, and it just drives me crazy just thinking about it.

And so, like the quintessential Libran that I am, I just had to come up with a 100 list of things to do before I die. I haven't filled out the entire 100 items yet, but hopefully, if my procrastinating self won't make things a lot worse than it already is, I'll be able to scratch of at least a majority of it.

Here's my very partial bucket list in no particular order:
  • Publish a novel.
  • Publish a Tagalog novel.
  • Go to Batanes.
  • Go to Dumaguete.
  • Visit a comedy bar.
  • Volunteer in a non-profit organization.
  • Go to the US.
  • Go to either Japan or Korea (ok lang kahit pareho).
  • Own a DSLR.
  • Get a new laptop.
  • (getting my sister's old macbook lappie is as close as getting a new one)
  • Compile all good photos and make a photobook.
  • Meet Hikki in person.
  • Skydive/bungee jump/rappel/scuba dive
  • Buy a decent pair of running shoes.
  • Be a Manager.
  • Get roaring drunk.
  • See a lunar/solar eclipse.
  • Achieve my ideal weight.
  • Pay off your credit card dues & NEVER get another one.
  • Buy something expensive (one I think I'll never spend for that much).
  • Watch a Lea Salonga performance.
  • Live abroad.
  • Start a business.
  • Be featured in a newspaper/magazine.
  • Learn SEO, InDesign, Photoshop, HTML & CSS
  • Be self-employed.
  • Learn how to properly do the freestyle stroke in swimming.
  • Trek to either Taal or Pinatubo.
  • Build my own website.
  • Visit the Vatican City.
  • Visit the Alhambra Palace in Spain.
  • Visit the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt.
  • Get a Master's degree.
  • Eat balut!
  • Learn how to read Tarot.

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    1. Asus, madali lang ang kumain ng balut. Naghahanap ka ba ng kasama to do it with?

      Remind me to forward you the sky diving package I heard of. They need 6 heads. Count me in and my fellow trainee.

      Masters degree? Are you saying you wanna shift or tapusin ang Journalism sa ibang university?

      If you're pertaining to Jon Santos type of comedy bar, count me in. Tapos let's get pissed drunk after. ;)

      Let's have a support group so we can achieve what's on our bucket list! :D

    2. Hindi sa naghahanap ng kasama kumain...well, siguro pwede din. Wala lang opportunity para kumain. Haha. Weird noh? Meron kayang nagbebenta ng balut sa labas ng subdivision namin. XD

      Magkano naman kaya ang damages ng sky diving package na yan? Pansin ko yung bucket list ko has something to do with MONEY.

      I wanna shift, particularly sa Marketing Communications kasi feeling ko mas relevant yun sa line of work ko ngayon. And seeing that MRR na ako ng bonggang bongga sa Peyups, talagang sa ibang university na dapat ako.

      Oh yeah...gusto ko yung brand of comedy ni Jon Santos. Actually when I was making the list, naisip ko lang basta comedy bar. Pero now that you mentioned it, parang mas gusto ko yung brand of comedy ni Jon Santos.

      Gawa ka rin ng bucket list mo mare (I'll ask Kat & Fris to have one too) para sabay-sabay tayo! I haven't gotten roaring drunk ever & it'd probably be nice to experience what it's like to vomit my guts out in the nearest gutter. Bwahahaha!

    3. Sa Butuan ang sky diving package na yun eh. Sinend ko na, mare.

      Wow, isama mo ako sa Marketing Communications na yan! Type ko rin yan saka Anthropology. :D

      Mare, nasa P1,000+ ang shows ni Jon Santos eh. Pero I bet it's worth it.

      I want the similar way Kat posted her bucket list. Madaling i-monitor. :D

    4. Bakla, sa Butuan? Sa Mindanao? Sheeet kelangan mag-ipon. Pamasahe papuntang Butuan tsaka yung gagastusin mo para magpakamatay. Wahahaha! Omg..T_T

      Wow, di ko alam ganun kamahal ang shows nya ha. Di ba nagdi-discount yan? Hayz.