Brewed Thoughts: On blogging

Thursday, May 20, 2010

On blogging

I'm really disappointed with myself. It seems that I can't blog regularly unlike years before when microblogging was unheard of. I have a lot of blog entries in mind, but little time to write them all down. I guess with Plurk & Facebook, I get instant replies to my posts, unlike the conventional blog writing where I have to slave a lot of hours to write & place eye-catching pictures to make an entry interesting.

I really envy bloggers who've been committed to the traditional way of blog writing. I really miss writing for myself, and sometimes I wonder how my blogs would've been if I kept on updating them over the course of these many years. It's really very difficult to drag your ass to write lengthy entries. I dunno...maybe it's just that or I'm just plain lazy.

Perhaps because I put on too many hours writing at work that I become too tired face the screen and write yet again. I feel like banging my head on the wall out of sheer frustration.

Nonetheless, I will have to make time if I want to get myself back in the blog grind. I really want to push through with this, and I guess, it's really up to me if I want to make this happen.


  1. I admit I kinda lost inspiration when I lost Internet access at work then I went to graduate school. Sayang talaga, life had been really eventful back then. I was just lazy.

    Mare, let's put the inactive blogger past behind us. Here we are, taking our first steps to claim our once permanent space in the virtual world. Congratulations to both of us!

    Wow, I'm happy to see the Team Carnival logo in here. Cheers!

    Oh, can you please add my Blogger account in your links? Thanks!

  2. Mare, ano yung blogger URL mo?

    And thanks for the vote of confidence. Ang hirap kalaban kasi ang katamaran eh. Haha. But hopefully dito na talaga magsimula ang lahat. :D

  3. So where's your blog entry about spoilers? Here's mine: :D