Brewed Thoughts: Fangirl Moment at the Til Death Book Launch

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fangirl Moment at the Til Death Book Launch

Chloe reads an excerpt from chapter 2 of Til Death.

I first encountered Kate Evangelista's books through the Pinoywrimo FB page last year and I've been reading her work since then. When she announced there was going to be a local launch for her latest book, I jumped at the chance to attend and finally meet her.

The Til Death Book Launch was held at the National Book Store in Glorietta 1 last March 15 and it was truly exciting to meet the author behind the books I've been reading. I'm a staunch supporter of local authors and Kate's success in the publishing world is truly an inspiration. At the launch, I got to see fellow author Mina V. Esguerra (who hosted the event), along with a few of my classmates from #romanceclass. Book bloggers were also there to show support as well as Kate's friends and family.

Supporters from Kate's alma mater
One of the event highlights was an excerpt reading of Til Death by Chloe, a ninth grader from Southville International Schools and Colleges (Kate's alma mater). I was amazed by how the school supported their alumna...complete with a streamer! There was also a raffle portion where Kate gave away swag bags of Taste and Savor.

Mina interviews Kate during the Q&A session
I also enjoyed the Q&A talk where Kate shared her writing and publishing experience. I too have my own dreams of being published internationally and learning about how the publishing world works was very informative. It is indeed a great time to be a writer with these opportunities.

The main highlight was of course, the book signing. I was particularly touched when Kate gave a hug to each person who had their book signed. That was the best part for me being a fan of Kate's work. I was #20 in line so I got a cool tote bag as well. By the time the event wrapped up, Kate's momager gave a short but sweet message to all attendees.

Everyone went home with a smile on their faces, happy to have met such an awesome and inspirational person. I'm already looking forward to those 11 novels Kate said she had to write. I'm sure they will be such page-turners as the ones that are currently released.

Fangirl moment with the author
Congratulations, Kate, and hope you have another awesome book launch! I would definitely be there. :)

Til Death book pile, hot off the press!


  1. Wow, looks like a lovely meet-and-greet! Invite mo ko sa book signing mo ha! ;)