Brewed Thoughts: Spayed

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yeah, our black pussy went under the knife yesterday. It's been a long time coming actually, but thankfully we were able to have the funds to get her spayed. She was in her "season" that week, and her cries seemed like she was in pain or something. I just couldn't bear to see her in that state.

That day, I decided to canvass on the entire damages. There was this vet clinic near our place and it was the first one I inquired regarding cost. I did most of the inquiries over the phone as I had work on weekdays, and frankly speaking, I was ticked off by the way my inquiry was handled. The people working in the clinic seemed detached and couldn't care less about me and my pet. It was because of this call I decided to look for other pet-friendly clinics. I called up CARA WelfareAnimal House and a nearby clinic along Visayas Avenue. Among all of them, I liked the last one because the vet was really nice and accommodating. She really set my worries at ease as an owner doing this to their pet for the first time. Thing is, the accommodation rate was really pricey.

We originally intended to have Minggay confined at the clinic after her surgery because my mom was too busy doing house work to watch over a delicately-operated animal. CARA had this service, but the place was too far, not to mention they don't have clinic services on weekends. I was running out of options, so I ended up swallowing my pride and going to the vet-clinic-with-bitch-doctors-from-hell. 

Leaving Minggay at the vet's was kinda heartbreaking. She didn't budge an inch when I transferred her from the carrier to the cage, and she had that scared look in her eyes. I kept calling the place several times to inquire if they already performed the operation, but she didn't go under the knife until probably before 6PM that day. I don't know if I was overreacting or what, but I had to curb my irritation at the people there. The poor animal had not eaten anything since 8AM and they only operated on her past 5PM. I was so anxious, I was ready to take a scalpel at them myself. 

Oh and remember the original plan of having her confined post surgery? The idiots called at home to ask if I can take Minggay home because she was too hostile for them. Her meds were to be given orally and they said they couldn't do that if the animal was really unfriendly. I can't believe these people called themselves veterinarians. In the end, I took her back home. 

I was surprised to find her already awake. She was hissing at me like I was one of them idiot doctors. It took me forever to coax her out of the cage and get her back to the carrier. At home, she was all groggy, but she wanted to walk around. We were all fragile on her because she kept tumbling on her feet. I guess she didn't want to be anywhere else to recuperate other than home. Now that's a comforting thought.

I'm looking forward to the next two weeks. Hopefully, she'll be back to her usual self by then.

That's her gobbling her food day 1 after operation.


  1. "the vet-clinic-with-bitch-doctors-from-hell"

    "she was too hostile for them. Her meds were to be given orally and they said they couldn't do that if the animal was really unfriendly."

    --> What is this place?! Magsara na lang sila!

  2. maybe shes hissing at you for letting her stay there lol

  3. Di pa rin ako maka-get over dun sa mga vets. Hindi na lang ako nakipag-away kasi baka kung ano ang gawin nila kay Minggay sa operation. Sabi nila itetext nila ako pag ooperahan na sya. Pagdating ko dun, tapos na. X-(