Brewed Thoughts: Music and words

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Music and words

My playlist

PJ's post on music and writing made me think about the stuff that's on my playlist as well. I can only write what I usually write on weekends, and there's just so much distraction (like the internet) that's craving for my attention that I don't know if I can still get myself to write without my thoughts traveling elsewhere.

I usually have a particular song that's on repeat mode depending on the mood and the scene in the story that I'm writing. So far, these songs have been a favorite for the past few weeks:

Switchfoot - Only Hope

Lifehouse - Storm

John Mayer - Love Song for No One

I couldn't get to embed the YT vid for the Backstreet Boys' song "Drowning" which just sucks 'coz I've been playing it straight for days.

Yeah, so I'm being sentimental.

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