Brewed Thoughts: What's a girl supposed to do?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's a girl supposed to do?

I got home from my friend's event (Saleng: Bonfires for Peace MANILA) about an hour ago, mostly because my mom has been texting me to no end to already get my ass home. It kinda sucks because I was really enjoying the evening and the performances along with my friends who I rarely get to see.

I really cannot understand why my parents have issues with me going out once in a while to unwind from work. Am I not entitled to take a break from the usual office-home routine that I've been doing since the dawn of time? Am I not entitled to socialize once in a while? Jeez, I'm already what...28 years old...and I can't enjoy a simple evening with friends. The funny thing is, I only live, like, 10 minutes away from the venue. Sheesh.

I was more than embarrassed to tell my friend that I had to leave. I feel like I'm such a kill joy ruining the evening and a major loser for living such a sheltered no-socializing-until-you're-40-BS.

Talk about Middle Ages in the 21st century. =_=


  1. Move out! Pronto! That should assert yourself as a grown up woman.

  2. I want to, but problema naman ang finances. Long story. Hay. D: