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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shounen manga for the non-shounen

Hajime no Ippo manga cover

For the past few weeks, I've been the most unproductive now that I've been reading manga scanlations. I'm not actually a huge fan of manga and I'm pretty much picky at some of the titles I manage to read. Having said that, who would've thought I'd get hooked on reading shounen manga?

Blame it all on anime, I guess. There's one really good shounen anime that grew on me, and it's no surprise that I got around to read its manga version.

For most people who've seen the anime and read the manga, Hajime no Ippo is just about as exciting on paper as it is on the TV/computer screen. The suspense, action and comedy never fails to entertain me (which comes to no surprise why I always burn my Internet hours reading the scanlations). I've just started from scratch a few weeks ago, and I'm reading through Ippo's match with Vorg right now. There are about 800+ chapters (I'm on the 163rd chapter) and counting, so I can probably count more weeks of unproductivity.

Admittedly, the character renders are much better in the anime version, but if you're after the story, the manga continues where the anime left off. I really get a kick out of Aoki, Kimura and Takamura and they provide the best comical entertainment after every chapter of intense fighting.

Hajime no Ippo's probably one of the underrated manga series *looks evilly at Bleach and Naruto*, but anyone who picks it up will not be disappointed.

Now, if only it's possible to have an Ippo x Manny Pacquiao match...

Read Hajime no Ippo manga scanlations at One Manga. A word of caution though...beware of countless unproductive days once you get hooked.

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