Brewed Thoughts: On (Finally) Writing and Releasing That WIP in the Wild

Monday, October 5, 2015

On (Finally) Writing and Releasing That WIP in the Wild

Three years ago, a story idea popped in my head and it's been there ever since It all started with my fascination for Philippine mythology and folklore, perhaps due to all the feels from reading Arnold Arre's graphic novels Mythology Class and After Eden. I've always been curious about the occult and the paranormal, though the only real "dabbling" I ever did with it was to write a story. I'm sure writers have been plagued with the same experience of plot bunnies disturbing their every day thoughts that they just needed to get them written or they'd go stark raving mad. The only way to get the bunnies to at least take a rest was for me to do something about it. So I did some research on lower myths and pantheons, read up on pre-Hispanic life and culture, and watched shows and documentaries until I was able to get the material I needed to start drafting characters and establishing the plot. The result: Bloodline Maharlika.

There's nothing ordinary about Owenn Magpantay the moment awareness seeped through her consciousness. A demi-goddess born from the line of maharlika and Bathala himself, Owenn is the hope for peace between mortal and the divine. But when the god Apolaki decried Bathala's love for humans, Owenn became his ultimate target. Together with her half-sister, the bathaluman Mayari, they travel to present day Manila where Owenn must eventually face the evil of Apolaki with the help of Companions descended from the warrior nobility.

Aside from what was mentioned, this story is an amalgamation of my fandom for certain anime shows, a historical epicserye, a fantaserye, and one or two graphic novels. It's my first stab at writing a multi-character urban fantasy, and to be honest, it's quite exhilarating to be able to finally write and release a WIP that's been in my head for far too long. I'm already itching to write the next installment and introduce more characters in this crazy-scary mashup of time-traveling gods and modern heroes!

Bloodline Maharlika is part of the #StrangeLit ebook bundle, Incredible Truths, now available on Buqo for only PHP 90 / $1.99 (that's 10 stories in 1 ebook!). Please do support us Filipino indie authors and we hope you like our stories!

I'll be talking more about the characters and sharing my inspiration board for this story in the next blog post, so watch this space!

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