Brewed Thoughts: August Bookish Events

Monday, September 14, 2015

August Bookish Events

I realize this blog hasn't been updated much, but lately I've been going to a lot of fun bookish events that I absolutely have to talk about. Having started off a fledgling, part-time career in being an author (because priorities), bookish events have been a staple in what little free time I have. 

Tessa Bailey Romance Discussion

Bailey's Babes PH represent!
Author Mina V. Esguerra organized this meet-up with fellow Tessa Bailey fans last August and I was thankful to have been part of this awesome gathering. It was an apt occurrence since it was Mina who introduced me to Tessa's work, and I couldn't be any happier. I love reading romances and it's my most-read genre. Tessa's books are a guilty pleasure and I was more than thrilled to have been in the company of like-minded people. 

Yes, we did talk about the alpha heroes, and was stoked to know there were fellow Bowen fans! Beck came in second place in terms of favorites. What made it even more awesome was the feedback from Tessa herself. I'm really hoping she gets to swing by the Philippines and have a book signing event.

Philippine Literary Festival

I'm SO glad this happened on a weekend versus last year where I never got the chance to attend because (1) it's in Makati, a.k.a. the far reaches of the galaxy, and (2) it's a weekday shindig. Unfortunately, most of the panels I would've loved to attend either happened on a Friday or overlapped with another one. Good thing I was able to attend Mina's panel on romance as well as Edgar Samar's talk on Philippine lower myths. I also had my books signed by local authors. I'm already looking forward to next year's Lit Fest with more interesting panels.

At Edgar Samar's panel
Fangirl moment with Eliza Victoria

And since I'm on the subject of bookish events, I'm already gearing up for these upcoming happenings:

36th Manila International Book Fair (16-20 September)

It's pretty much THE most anticipated book-centric event every year and I don't plan on missing it. Sure, it's at the other side of the world and the traffic has just been horrible, but still! There are a lot of exciting activities happening, not to mention that I'm also launching my urban fantasy novelette together with other up-and-coming authors from a writing workshop I recently attended (more on this in another blog post). What's more, some of my author friends are launching the print edition of their books here. Time to rally the troops!

Filipino ReaderCon (November)

As the name suggests, this event is tailored for the Filipino reader. I feel like I'm in the company of great people who have the same love for books as much as I do. Our writing group will have some activities in store for this event, so watch this space for more info. And if you haven't yet, do vote for your favorite books by Filipino authors for the Filipino Reader's Choice Awards!

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