Brewed Thoughts: September is MIBF season!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September is MIBF season!

It is officially the start of the Christmas season here in the good 'ol Philippine Islands. But before Christmas (and my birthday..hehe) comes around, one huge event I'm looking forward to is the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF). As usual, it's going to be at the other end of the world, a.k.a. Pasay City, but this is one event I'm prepared to storm the ends of the earth (I just hope it doesn't rain).

While I'm looking forward to score a few bargain books, I'm also excited to participate in a few workshops/discussions on reading and writing. Now that I've ventured into self-publishing, I want to learn more when it comes to marketing my works and knowing about trends in traditional and digital publishing. As one of my writer-friends said it is indeed a great time to be a writer, more so with technology giving us more ways to release our works to the world and at the same time discover more amazing reads.

And because I'm raring to go this weekend, my MIBF arsenal is also packed and ready to go:

  1. Bag - A sturdy backpack would be great to carry my personal effects + other important stuff.
  2. Water - In case I get too busy scouring booths for bargain books and I need to rehydrate.
  3. Wallet (with money) - Those are just twenty peso bills (I wish I had more, but let's see what the alkansya will provide.).
  4. MIBF passes - Can't leave without 'em.
  5. Eco bag - For book shopping purposes
  6. Fan - In case it gets too hot inside the convention center (that's not really an LV fan haha)
  7. Books I'm going to get signed - Because it's a legit way to stalk my favorite authors

Are you guys ready for MIBF? Lezzgow! 

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  1. TS Mario is expected to make its landfall tomorrow and won't be leaving the country till Sunday afternoon. Better gear up for the rain (and traffic).

    See you there! :)