Brewed Thoughts: The 2nd Filipino Reader Con

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The 2nd Filipino Reader Con

There are far too many weaboo conventions out there, and it's about time us bookworms have something to look forward to. I got this tip from Kat about The 2nd Filipino Reader Con, and I'm so stoked to attend! 

And while we're at it, let's nominate some great Philippine-published titles for The Filipino Reader's Choice Awards! Here are some of my nominees:

Alternative Alamat - Short Story Anthology
Trese - Comics / Graphic Novel
Naermyth - Novel in English
Tragic Theater - Novel in English

I still have yet to think who to nominate for the Chick Lit category.

I really do believe Filipinos should patronize local books and authors because there's such a wealth of awesome stories that no one else could tell except a fellow Pinoy. Local myths, for one, have been a recurring theme for some recent novels/comics/anthologies that deserve to be read and shared to the world. And while owning a digital e-book reader has its perks, I still make sure to buy print versions of our local publications to support our publishers and authors. You should, too!

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