Brewed Thoughts: Wanderlust

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I just want to list down the following places in the Philippines where I want to travel/visit:
  1. Batanes
  2. Los Baños, Laguna
  3. Siquijor
  4. Dumaguete
  5. Sagada (round 2)
  6. Palawan (El Nido/Coron/Puerto Princesa...round 2 uli)
  7. Bohol
  8. Ilocos Norte
  9. Albay
  10. Camiguin
I realize I haven't traveled around that much in my own country, but hopefully I'd be able to remedy that, if schedule and budget permits. *crossses fingers*


  1. Don't forget Zambales! You know you're always welcome to go back at madami pa tayong di na-eexplore dun!

  2. Hindi pa pala ako nakakapunta sa Casa Magsaysay, Anawangin at Capones. Hehehe. :)