Brewed Thoughts: Happy Birthday, Postcrossing!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Postcrossing!

Ever since joining Postcrossing last year, I've been surprised countless times when I get something in my mail. Oftentimes, these little surprises arrive at the perfect time, i.e., after a peevish day at work or during an uneventful, lackluster day. Regardless if it was only just a postcard or several pages of letters from my pen friends, I'm always delighted at the prospect of receiving interesting images, stamps and packages from all over the world.

Postcrossing revived my fascination for snail mail and the promise of making new friends. In fact, I've gotten back to collecting stamps, a hobby which I took up in high school but had to give up shortly. Aside from stamps, I also enjoy collecting bookmarks, coffee (at first I didn't believe there were other flavors aside from the ones locally available) and letter sets. I even got around to make my own envelopes for trade with other envelope art makers. 

As a travel bug with little to no financial capability to mount an expedition around the world, postcards are my own way of seeing and touring various countries. The stories written in these cards show a different side to these places, as well as the people who sent them. It's very heartwarming to receive genuine well wishes from people even if you haven't seen them in person. Perhaps its this natural love and fascination of different cultures that inevitably bind individuals regardless of their background.

I'd like to invite everyone to join this fun hobby of sharing and learning many things from people across the globe. Let's bring back the joy of sending snail mail as we tell our own stories. I'm pretty sure you will appreciate the surprises you'll receive in your mailbox once you get the hang of it.

Photo from: Postcrossing

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